Friday, July 13, 2012

The Journey to New York Begins

I finished my last Florida workout before we loaded up the minivan full of triathlon gear and luggage for the week and a half long trip to Lake Placid. Got up early for a 2 hour bike ride and a 30 minute run after staying up late to pack. Race cloths, workout cloths, hats, goggles, hydration belt and water bottles, bike, shoes (running and cycling)...and the list goes on. Good grief I have a lot of stuff! Then there was the regular packing for the trip and trying not to forget something important. I'm glad that is done!

My son said packing the minivan was like a 3D Tetris game, but it all fit! Whew! We headed over to Sanford (near Orlando) to catch the Auto Train for the overnight trip to Lorton, Virginia. We stopped for a quick, slightly unhealthy lunch at Bojangles, a fried chicken and biscuit joint. It was clearly "Bo Time" today before we checked in at the train station.

The train pulled out at 3:50pm and we should be in Virginia by 8:30am on Saturday.

Next stop is Philadelphia and then to visit with my sister and family at their home in New Jersey. I'll need to slip in a few short runs in the next few days and am resigned to skip my swim workout, but I should be fine without it.

So far so good!

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